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The Team

Manager - Simantov Levy


Simantov studied Business Administration at the Champlain College (Burlington, Vermont). He was as an officer in the Israeli military

and served seven years in the IDF command and staff positions. After working in the high-tech industry in the United States, Simantov moved back to Israel as a successful businessman.

His business strategy helped B-Mitzva.com become one of the most trusted Bar or Bat Mitzvah production companies inIsrael.

He strives to provide the highest level of customer service. This enables him and his team to handle every detail of the celebration or mitzvah family tour.

Simantov was born in Israel to a traditional religious family. His mission is to provide Bar Mitzvah boys and Bar Mitzvah girls a deep and genuine connection with the holy land.



Event and Tour Guide - Liran Levy


Liran was born in Holon to a religious family. He began his career as a cantor at the children's choir of the Love & Brotherhood Synagogue. There, he absorbed the Sephardic tradition to become the Synagogue's cantor.

Liran was educated in religious schools and at the Bnei - Akiva Talmudic College.

Throughout his studies, Liran became very active in the community. He earned a certificate of appreciation from the president of Bnei – Akiva. At a very young age he became a guide and then a commune member. He received high praise for combining his endearing personality and passion to become a cantor.

Liran became a Cantor at the Jewish Music Renanot Institute. He served as a cantor at various synagogues in Holon. Every year he prepares hundreds of children for the mitzvah reading.

He served in the military as a Gadna squad leader, Sergeant and as a Youth guide for high school Yeshiva students. Liran received recognition from the IDF at an Independence Day ceremony in 2000 for Outstanding Service from the Major-General of Manpower and Education Departments.

After his military service, Liran began his studies at the university in Israeli and Jewish History. After which, he received a teaching certificate. Throughout his studies, Liran served as a youth counselor for children at risk.

After graduation, Liran finished a course of geography (at the Education Ministry) and served as a school teacher at Kerem Shlomo school in Holon.

In 2006 Liran began to fulfill his lifes passion. He started directing and producing Bar Mitzvahs at the Kotel (Western Wall).

Many ask Liran how he started, he recalls his time spent with the Israeli community in New York as a cantor. A member of the community mentioned that he wanted to celebrate his son's Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall. He wanted an Israeli Cantor to lead the ceremony at the Western Wall, a local tour guide to give them a tour of Jerusalem and someone to produce and the celebration. So Liran said, "I'm a Guide! I'm a Cantor! I'm experienced! Let me lead the event!" The rest is history ...

Liran is married to Dana with two beautiful children, Shir and Ori. Liran sings in Mizrahi, which is a Hasidic and popular Israeli style. Liran also plays the oud (a string instrument).

Liran Levi’s website is www.liranlevi.com

Event and tour guide - Muli Zohar

muli zoharMuli, an energetic young man, born and raised in Holon studied at Kerem Shlomo School.
From an early age (14), Liran identified his leadership potential and participated in dozens of events.
Muli studied the field diligently and receives high praise from the community. At every event Liran receives comments such as, "the student exceeded his teacher."
Muli has already led dozens of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs - he sings, makes the crowd happy, guides professionally and knows every corner of Jerusalem.
Muli's Magic and special grace inspires the Bar or Bat Mitzvah children with a good atmosphere. He knows how to get them excited.
Muli, sings in the Holon choir and is working an album with the Israel's most talented writers and poets such as Itai Zilberstein, Yossi Gispan and others.
Muli has performed in dozens of events as a singer and as a warm-up singer for Si Heiman and others.


Cantor, poet, Bar Mitzvah teacher - Yehuda Zeev Fogel

Born in Israel, pray in Ashkenazi style

Leading Saturday event singing songs and reading Torah





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