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Jerusalem Mitzvah Tour

The city that unites the capital of Israel and the holy city to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The history of the old city spreads over seven thousand years, where dozens of cultures, landmarks, tourist sites and attractions tell the fascinating story of a city that was built and destroyed again and again. A city that was conquered by different people and different countries almost throughout its entire existence.

Beginning with the occupation of the city, Jebus by King David (Jerusalem's ancient name), the First Temple by King Solomon in the 10th century BC made Jerusalem the center of Judaism. It was the center until its destruction in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. The city has changed hands many times; Roman, Byzantine, Muslim, Crusader, Mamluk, Ottoman (under British mandate). From the middle of last century it is predominately an Israeli city and serves as Israel's capital.

The Jerusalem Mitzvah tour will visit many historical and religious sites. Sites including the Western Wall Tunnels, David Tower or Davidson Center. The tour continues to the top of the old city, the Jerusalem walls, where you will have an exciting, moving and touching tour. The tour also incorporates ancient sites and Yad Va'shem Holocaust History Museum. We usually end with a fun experience on the Time Elevator.