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is a wonderful combination of nature, landscape and historical remains.
It was an ancient Jewish city in the Golan Heights.
Inhabited since the Early Bronze Age, it is believed to have been founded as a Seleucid fort during the Syrian Wars.

The site of a Roman siege during the Great Revolt of the 1st century CE, Gamla is a symbol of heroism for the modern state of Israel
and an important historical and archaeological site.

Inside the city walls we will go through the ancient archaeological ruins of a large synagogue pre-dating the destruction of the Second
Temple, one of the oldest known over the world, an aqueduct, a ritual bath and arrows and ballistae balls attesting to the battle.

It currently resides within the Gamla nature reserve which is a home to a large nesting population of Griffon vultures
which we will observe from a Cliff-edge observation station and the glorious view of the lower valleys surrounds it.