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There Are so Many Fun and Interesting attractions in Israel.

We Can Design a Tour Perfect For You and Your Family!

Jipp tour A Jeep or ATV in The Golan Heights

a sunset trip in the Golan Heights visits beautiful landscapes and touches on Israel's rich Israeli Defense Force history of wars; Yom Kippur, Six Day War, the Independence War and Lebanon. The Golan Heights is rich with remains of ancient villages, roaring rivers and beautiful nature reserves. A trip in a jeep or ATV is a great way to experience it.


Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. Float in the rich minerals. Enjoy the amazing experience of lightness and comfort. The shores of the rich minerals and salts from the Dead Sea accumulate mud, which is famous for its benefits to the skin. Spreading black mud on the skin while visiting a Dead Sea spa creates a special place for peace and tranquility.

צולם ע"י - aharon mizrahi


Jordan River Kayaking

Kayaking is a great experience, both for older and younger crowds.

During the summer, this is a great tourist attraction Israel that combines fun, gentle rapids and pure enjoyment.



thanks to Hagoshrim - http://www.kayak.co.il/

Camel TripA Camel Ride

The Camel is the ship of the desert.

A Camel ride in its natural surroundings is an exceptional experience for every Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl.

Southern Israel inhabits many Bedouin tribes.

Riding a camel is part of ongoing way in which they live. This is a taste of history and a chance to experience the past as it "went" in many places around the country.

ManaraManara Cliff

The cable car climbing Manara Cliff is the longest in Israel. The view around, the colors of the valleys below and the surrounding mountains are an exciting and breath taking experience. Entertainment options for the whole family include; the Cliff Train passing through orchards and trails of the kibbutz and Mountain Slides surround the mountain. Rappelling down a cliff and other attractions are appropriate for children. A fun and enjoyable experience for all ages in the family.

Thanks to Manara Cliff - http://www.cliff.co.il/
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Ein Gedi - An area in the Judean Desert along the Dead Sea shore. In Ein Gedi flows streams of cool and refreshing waters. It is a refreshing sanctuary from the warm desert weather. Ein Gedi is where the high Mount Masada is located. It overlooks the whole area and its fascinating story of conquest is an attraction in itself. During the spring and summer evenings, a colorful, impressive and spectacular light and sound show is held on the mountain wall which tells the story of its last days.
Horseback riding - Across Israel there are many ranches and recommended areas for horse rides. Areas such as Mount Carmel, the Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee. A horseback riding trip is a great way to experience the country, its landscapes, the hills, valleys, wadis and plains. Israel's landscape is extremely diverse and this a great way to see it.
Bike Cycling - This is a great tool to go around Mount Carmel, Golan Heights, Hula Lake Nature Reserve or the Galilee. There are many appropriate tracks for a bike ride in the mountains. The trails of can lead to historical landmarks and beautiful views.
Planting a Tree at Mount Carmel – Big sections of the mountain recently burned. Mount Carmel, the mountain that is supposed to be green all year round. Planting a tree in Israel, especially in Carmel assists the rehabilitation of the forest. Planting a tree in Israel is a great Mitzvah project.
Hot Springs "Ha'sachne" - Also known as "Gan Ha'shlosha". Its waters are warm and pleasant for bathing all year round. A great place to stop for a relaxing dip and a swim. The beautiful pools, a great destination before traveling to the holy city of Jerusalem.
The Hannah Senesh House – The young brave Hannah Senesh left a comfortable life in order to settle in the Land of Israel. She volunteered to the British Army paratroopers to help bring young Jews to Israel during the Holocaust. She was captured and executed by a firing squad. At Hannah Senesh House we will hear the story of a courageous young woman committed to her people, her country and to her Zionism. Read her most moving songs and learn about the young people during the formation of Israel even before the founding of the state.
Canaan Gallery in Safed - Hand weaving of special Judaica items on looms. You can view the work of weaving, the process of preparing a prayer shawl, skullcap, rugs and more.
Stam Treasure House - Center in Safed where we will see, hear and experiment Stam writing. The writing of the Torah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzah. We will create our own calligraphy using a feather pen on a genuine leather parchment.