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Caesarea Tour

Caesarea is a town on the outskirts of Caesarea Maritima, the ancient port city along the Mediterranean coastline. It is believed to have been built on the ruins of Stratonospyrgos (Straton's Tower), founded by Straton I of Sidon and was likely an agricultural storehouse in its earliest configuration.

In 90 BCE, Alexander Jannaeus captured Straton's Tower as part of his policy of developing the shipbuilding industry and enlarging the Hasmonean kingdom.

Straton's Tower remained a Jewish city for two generations, until the Roman conquest of 63 BCE when the Romans declared it
an autonomous city.

The pagan city underwent vast changes under Herod the Great, who renamed it Caesarea in honor of the Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus. It was built as a foreign city with entertainment facilities, bathhouses and idolatrous temples. The constant tension between Jews and foreigners caused a bloody chain of events which gave the signal to the start of the Great Revolt.

Our Bar or Bat Mitvzah tour in Caesarea explores the relics from the ancient times, including the Roman Theater and Aqueduct, through the ancient city, to the Hippodrome and the Amphitheatre. The mitzvah tour is fun and exciting.