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Bar or Bat Mitzvah Journey In Israel - 11 Day Tour


Day 1 - Departure - Flight to Israel   


Day 2 - Arrival in Israel - Welcome to Israel - Tel Aviv / Jaffa

You will be welcomed by our representative, for a fast and easy transfer to the hotel in Tel Aviv.
Check-in at the hotel.
Go out for an Israeli authentic dinner and a theatrical tour in Old Jaffa.
Overnight: Tel Aviv - 4 star hotel.

Day 3 - Sightseeing in Tel Aviv

Visit the Independence Hall where in 1948 Israel declared its independence.
The IDF museum displays an impressive exhibit of a rare collections, original and unique items, including the first hiding places for weapons (during the British mandate period).
We will continue through the Carmel Market to the Art Fair on Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall. As we are surrounded by beautiful restored buildings, we will walk along Rothschild Boulevard. The famous boulevard is know for the beautiful Bauhaus buildings. We finish at the memorial of Rabin Square. In the afternoon you will have free time to visit the city, dip in the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy the white sandy beaches and relax.
Overnight: Tel Aviv - 4 stars hotel.

Day 4 - Masada, Dead Sea

We leave the hotel and and drive to Judea Desert. We will ascend by cable car to the top of Mount Masada and tour the ancient remains of the old fort, one of the oldest synagogues and King Herod's elegant palace. Then, we travel to the lowest place on earth to enjoy the Dead Sea minerals, mineral mud and take a relaxing dip in the sulfur springs of the Dead Sea. In the evening we will watch a spectacular audio-visual show about the Western Wall of Mount Masada. The show tells the story of the rebels on the last days in the fortress at the top of the cliff.
Overnight: Dead Sea.

Day 5 - Jerusalem - The Day of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

After a refreshing breakfast we will leave the hotel and go to Jerusalem. During the trip you will learn about Israels rich history. Upon arrival, we will conduct a moving parade, short or long is by choice, to the Western Wall. We sing, dance and perform a meaningful ceremony, all accompanied by drummers and Shofar. The exciting and meaningful Call up to the Torah service, lead by a Cantor, involves the entire family. Then we tour famous landmarks in Jerusalem such as the Western Wall Tunnels, The Generations Center, Davidson Center or City of David. We will also enjoy the spectacular view of Jerusalem atop Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus or the Governor's Palace. The day is full of thrills, meaning and unity.
Overnight: Jerusalem - 4 stars hotel.

Day 6 - Jerusalem

We will visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. By visiting the one-of-a-kind museum, we show respect to the memories and stories of each of the six million victims and help continue the legacy of the Holocaust for future generations. There we will see evidence of the worst period of Jewish history.
We finish the day with a fun visit on the Time Elevator, a great multimedia journey that tells the story of Jerusalem. Then we celebrate Shabbat dinner with loved ones at the hotel.
Overnight: Jerusalem - 4 stars hotel.

Day 7 - Shabbat in Jerusalem

After breakfast, we can go for a prayer at Jerusalem's Great Synagogue or other synagogues in the area.
Overnight: Jerusalem - 4 star hotel.

Day 8 - Galilee and the Golan Heights.

After a fresh and tasty breakfast at the hotel we will travel north for an amazing ATV or Jeep trip on the mountain. Get to know the impressive and diverse scenery of the country and learn about the Yom Kippur and Six Days Wars.
After an outdoor picnic we go for a refreshing and gorgeous rafting experience on the Jordan River.
Overnight: Guest House in Galilee

Day 9 - Safed, Acre and Haifa

At Safed, the center of Jewish mysticism for hundreds of years, we visit special synagogues, stroll the picturesque streets and artists galleries.
We continue to Acre, one of the oldest and continuously inhabited sites in the country. The unique old city has remains of two different eras one on top of the other. Visit the Ottoman fortifications, a tower and moat, the British prison and gallows, a museum and memorial to the Jewish resistance fighters executed during the British Mandate and the underground complex known as Knight's Halls.
After this we travel to Haifa, rest and organize at the hotel. We will go for a walk along the German Colony promenade, a recreation area at the foot of the Bahai Gardens, the most beautiful and impressive view.
Overnight: Haifa - 4 star hotel.

Day 10 - Haifa and Departing Israel

After breakfast at the hotel we will visit the "Af Al Pi Chen" Museum. The museum displays the Jewish immigrant ship that came during the British Mandate and served as a training vessel during Israel's Independence War.
We will visit Elijah Cave on Mount Caramel and tour the Bahai Gardens, the magnificent gardens surrounding the beautiful Bahai Temple.
On our way back, we will visit Caesarea, the ancient port city located along the Mediterranean shore. There we will visit the relics from the Alexander Yanai and Herod empire. We will see the Roman Theater and Aqueduct and continue through the old city and synagogue, to the Hippodrome and amphitheater.

Day 11 - Fly Home With An Unforgettable Experience!